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4 Tips for Realtors on Social Media

In this technology-driven age, Realtors must remain active on social media in order to get interest in newly listed properties. Real estate searches will only continue to expand across the web. Here are 4 tips for Realtors using social media.

1. Facebook is King.

You MUST be on Facebook to engage with potential buyers and sellers. Facebook’s ability to target posts and ads to your potential clients are invaluable. Over 70% of Realtors use Facebook because IT WORKS!

2. Videos are amazing.

People love to see videos of homes so they can picture themselves in the property. Over half of Realtors believe the video has the best ROI. See how you can set your videos apart from other Realtors in your area.

3. Instagram.

Think of it as instant feed back. Instagram is considered the fastest-growing social media platform. Use your hashtags to find interested followers. As of the time of this writing, your limit on hashtags is 30. So get them out there!

4. Craft Good Content.

As you start crafting social media posts about a listing, remember to follow the golden rule: Create content that you would want to read. Enthusiasm is contagious, even if it’s coming from a photo caption on Instagram. You never know when a potential homebuyer may be scrolling through your feed.

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