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5 Ways Lawyers Win With Digital Marketing

Compliant Marketing. Measurable Results.

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Not just anyone can market lawyer services. It takes the right people to know the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct. We know a little bit about the rules and complying with the Bar Association because we have worked in digital marketing compliance for over a decade. Many of my clients have been regulated by various agencies, so the importance of compliance is our highest priority. Our CEO also a Washburn Law grad, so she understands the immense pressure, time constraints and client responsibilities that lawyers have. We want to get your message out, be compliant with the Rules, and deliver results. Here are 5 ways lawyers can win with digital marketing.

1. Build a quality website that engages visitors and gets leads.

The best leads always come from your website. A good website gets you to the top of Google's results and potential clients see you first on Google search. Make the front page engaging and all of your contact options should be clear and standing out to the client. It also MUST be optimized for mobile.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Have you ever wondered how to get to the top results of Google? There are ways to create content, tags and keywords to get you highest in Google searches when someone is looking for a lawyer in your area.

3. Patience and Consistency. Improving your Google ranking takes some time and work.

You or someone at your office must be consistent with posts, content and optimizing certain things on your website so that Google finds you relevant to the user. It can take a long time to get to number one in Google, but it is worth the effort.

4. Targeted Digital Ads. Run a Google Ad campaign for your surrounding counties.

Then any time someone performs a Google search for family law attorneys, or whatever your focus is on, in your county, they see your website. It has and will produce a huge surge in new clients.

5. Social Media. Social media marketing is the future for lawyers.

Most people do research on their phones. Lawyers can obtain many new clients per year from paid marketing efforts on Facebook for a minimal investment.

To conclude, you must invest in online advertising, invest in SEO, have a great and engaging website, and have patience!

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