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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Presence

1. Invite your friends, family, exes to like/follow your social media pages!

Your family and friends are some of your biggest supporters! Without their support, your business may not grow. If they're not supporting you, are they really your friend? Once they like/follow your business page. The news of your page can spread like wildfire!

2. Have a Strategy

So you invited all your friends to like your page, Awesome! Do you have a strategy for your page? You can't just share cat videos and political posts to your business's page. You need a strategy! Don't know how to come up with a strategy? Omni21 specializes in that. We post relevant contact to help showcase your brand and get you those online leads.

3. Maintain a Constant Presence

It does your business page no good if you only post 5x a month or once or twice a year. Each company is different but having a constant presence is crucial. But don't over do it! Here's a good rule of thumb, for LinkedIn and Facebook, don’t post more than once a day, and limit posts to five times a week. Twitter, on the other hand, changes so quickly that the more you post, the better.

4. Be Human

Don't be a robot! Show off the human side of your brand. Show the faces off the faces behind your social feeds. Take pictures, show your work in action. Whether it’s office photos or snapshots of your team “in the wild,” getting personal with your followers can help you form a much-needed connection.

You may wonder who's writing this, so here's a picture of me and my dog, Sonny.

5. Focus on Helping Over Selling

Too many times, companies try to shove their product down customer's throats.

Nobody likes this approach. Focus on guiding/helping your customers! Offer tips like these!

Don't want to take the time to do your own social media? We can help develop a plan and do it for you. For a FREE Quote, click here.

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