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A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Brand

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It all starts with an idea.

Everyone has business ideas, but how many people actually follow thru with them? There's always some type of adversity when starting a business. For example, lack of start-up funds or lack of support from your peers/community is major factors. These examples should never be an excuse.

A lot of people spend so much money at the start buying unnecessary crap such as spending too much on their branding. Spending thousands on a logo seems stupid (we could create one for you for A LOT cheaper).

That being said, let's say you're ready to take that leap of faith. Where should you start?

1. Identify your target market.

You wouldn't start a surfboard company in the middle of Kansas. It wouldn't be very smart from a financial or logical standpoint. Starting something that people NEED is key. Identify your target market.

Tennis Balls on Walkers

Idea: Sturdier tennis balls to be placed on the bottom of walkers.
Target Market: People that use walkers.

For instance, we started Omni21 to provide social media and website service to local businesses in Central Kansas. Businesses needing this service might not want to work with a larger digital marketing agency that doesn't know the area as we do.

2. Learn your competitors’ brands.

If you're about to play a football/basketball game, you wouldn't go in blind and not scout your opponent. You will LOSE almost every time. Take the time to research your competitors.

3. Separate your unique differentiators.

What makes your business special? What separates you from your competition?

4. Define your brand as a 'person.'

You're not just selling your product; you're selling yourself. This concept reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, "Tommy Boy." In the movie, Tommy is trying to save his family auto-parts company in attempting to sell Callahan Auto Brake Pads.

It takes him a while to get his first sale, but he realizes that "people aren't just buying brake pads, they're buying him" as well.

Now I'm not saying to use some of the "sales tactics" from that movie, but it works!

5. Apply your brand personality to multiple areas.

Create videos, Post on Social Media, Do a Podcast! Get your brand out there!

6. Get help.

Have your friends leave a 5-star review! Networking is free advertising.

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