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Marketing for Contractors: 4 Ways to Get More Jobs

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You have done a GREAT job growing your business by referrals and some local marketing. But you want to grow and the only way to do that is to start understanding digital marketing for contractors. Here are 4 ways your construction company can get higher on Google search and get more leads coming to your website.

1. Create great website content.

Ok. First you need to have a great website, and THEN add content that is valuable to people who are looking for remodeling contractors or someone who wants a new home, business or maybe a shed built. Content is King and you need to put a lot on your site. You can add photos, videos, and some educational content for those DIY people out there.

2. Turn your website into 24 x 7 sales person.

Your website should be designed to get you to the top of Google and get you more customers. If people have a hard time navigating your site, or your site has never had any leads come through, then you need to get it optimized and start growing your revenue!

3. Don't just do Facebook Ads.

Do AMAZING and effective Facebook ads. Not all ads work for all markets. Working with a company that can guide you in the right direction might be helpful. Then you can get back to managing a successful construction company.

4. Engage with current and potential customers on social media.

Social media strategy is needed for the best results. Ask for reviews on your page. Post engaging content. Before and After photos have remarkable traction.

With a great plan, you CAN improve your Google search ranking. You CAN increase your revenue by being higher on Google an by engaging with social media and Facebook Ads. If you have questions you can call 620-504-2058 or email us below!

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