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Small Business Marketing Tips You Can do TODAY!

Google yourself. And I don't mean YOU, I mean look for your services in your town and look at the results that any of your potential clients might see. Are you the first choice? Or are you just jumbled in there with everyone one else? Or maybe you don't show up at all.

Digital marketing is here to stay and it is essential to growing your business. People need to find you to work with you. Your job is to make yourself KNOWN! Here are some amazing tips for small business marketing that you can employ TODAY!

1. You MUST start a blog.

You are the expert in your field and people need to hear from you. We are no longer in the age of posting our personal resumes and then assuming our potential clients understand or care about it. They need to know you are the BEST and that they should work with YOU and not the other firm, dentist, contractor, agency, whatever it is you have. Yes, blogs take time, but with consistency, they work. Google looks for websites that are the most helpful to users. If your site is helpful, you will rank higher. It is that simple.

2. Is your website mobile friendly?

I don't mean does it like phones... Is your site compatible with mobile phone users? Is it easy to navigate and contact you from a phone. Google looks for mobile friendly websites to show users because most people do Google searches from their phones. Desktop searches still dominate during the day, but people in the evening are searching from their phones and if you want to rank higher to be seen, your site has to be mobile friendly.

3. Personalize your social media.

I recently posted a short video of the snow falling in my yard. That post had the highest engagement of any post I've ever shared on LinkedIn. Not every post has to be a personal video, but social media is for sharing and engaging with your client base. They need to know that you are a person. Consistent, meaningful posts will increase traffic to your website, and that turns into customers.

4. Directories... get on 'em.

Did you know that in central Kansas alone, there are over 30 directories that will feature your business... for FREE? These directories are the top ranking sites in every search. Google looks for your website links to see how connected you are to other things that rank well. Does it take a lot of time to do all of that? Yep! But it is worth it.

Digital marketing takes time and consistency, but the benefits are incredible and the effort puts you at the top of searches, makes you the expert and lands you new customers and clients. If you need help or want more information, we are here to help you! You can reach me at or 620-504-2058.

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